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May 22, 2022

Are You Noticing A Change in the Real Estate Market?







The big question we all want to know is “What is happening in the real estate market?”


The answer is “Which ‘what’ are you referring to?”


If you live in the Pacific Northwest and during the winter you bumped into someone from Michigan or New York who said to you “It feels like snow” would you believe them? They have experienced that “feeling of snow coming” many times and have a good sense of what is happening next.


Real Estate Brokers who have been in the business for a while sense the same thing in the form of Open House attendance, showings, number of offers, days on market, and even subtle shifts in motivation or “fear of missing out”.


As you go through Open Houses you may experience a shift in the number of people looking.


What you as a consumer and I as a real estate broker have experienced is anecdotal evidence of what is happening in the market.


Lagging indicators tell us what has already occurred and may confirm our experience or anecdotal evidence.


If I take the Portland Metro area and compare April Closed Sales to the previous month in the $351,000-$400,000 range, sales dropped 27%. 


Contrast that to the $1,501,000 to $2,000,000 range where closed sales increased by 67%.


Those are documented lagging indicators of what has happened.


The average home for our RMLS system in Oregon for April  was $575,800. 


Over an eight week period in 2022 rates rose from 3.76% to 5.11% resulting in an average monthly payment increase of $460.


Continually rising  interest rates is a leading indicator of fewer buyers going to qualify, lower demand, and at least in some price ranges increasing inventory and longer times to sell.


The market we are in is a little like an earthquake where those tectonic plates well below the surface are shifting  and depending where you are located, the intensity you feel may be negligible or catastrophic.


If you are noticing a subtle shift in the market, you are correct.


Questions? Glad to talk with you

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April 30, 2022

Preconceived Ideas about Cash Offers

Cash Buyers


Cash offers always get accepted, correct?


Sellers give a discount for cash offers, right?


Is it also true that getting a cash offer is as good as heading to closing and transferring the title?


There are a couple of aspects of paying cash for a home we can agree on:


A cash offer has the potential of closing sooner than an offer with a loan.


A cash offer has the potential of moving forward without needing an appraisal as compared to a loan where there is a risk of a low appraisal and sale-fail.


Employment verification is usually needed for a home loan but not for a cash buyer. 


In fact, if a buyer quits their job prior to funding and recording on their new home, they risk losing their loan when the lender does an employment recheck.


An escrow officer is a neutral third party but is obligated to inform the buyer’s lender they are no longer employed if the buyer casually mentions at closing “glad signing is over because I just quit my job.”


Why does a cash offer just have the “potential” of closing sooner than a financed offer?


If a buyer is approved subject to an appraisal, some lenders could, with a willing appraiser, close in two weeks which is a typical inspection period.


Cash could possibly close in less than a week yet most cash buyers still want a home inspection which would extend the closing date to that of a fast tracked loan.


What about appraisals? 


A home lender could have an appraisal waived or just require an automated appraisal. They could also rush an appraisal.


On the other hand, when a cash offer comes in, some buyers think they have a cash offer but it may be subject to the closing of another home, selling stock, getting funds from a relative who “promised” them money to pay cash, or even being subject to the funds coming from a retirement account only to find out funds aren’t immediately available.


Let’s look at some recent cash offers.


If a seller receives a cash offer $50,000. above asking price and has a second offer with a  loan 50% down but $100,000. above asking price, which would most sellers take?


It comes down to risk versus benefit and a slice of seller preference.


It is always the seller's choice and sometimes a seller will choose a buyer that may not be the highest price, the quickest closing, or all cash. 


The local market determines the value of a cash offer.


The past several years with low interest rates may have been a time of a slight preference for cash offers if all other terms were equal.


However, as interest rates increase, if the pool of qualified buyers starts to shrink, the value of a cash buyer to sellers may increase greatly.


Let’s look at the facts to better understand the value of cash offers so far this year.


Are cash offers reserved for lower or moderately priced homes?


Let’s take Lake Oswego for detached homes from Jan 1 2022 to April 28, 2022 as shown on RMLS for answers to many of the above questions:


Conventional Loans Closed: 92 

Average Cumulative Days on Market: 39

Percentage Sold to Original Asking Price;     104.68

Average Sold Price:           $1,290,027


Cash Offers Closed: 34 

Average Cumulative Days on Market: 27

Percentage Sold to Original Asking Price;             98

Average Sold Price:           $1,715,703


Any observations?


In Lake Oswego the average closed cash offer compared to a conventional offer was priced $425,476. higher, sold 31% faster, and buyers paid on average 6.68% less than their conventional loan counterparts.


Here are the houses sold in Portland for the same period:


Conventional Loans Closed:      1,901

Average Cumulative Days on Market: 24

Percentage Sold to Original Asking Price; 105.06   

Average Sold Price:        $659,573

Cash Offers Closed:           388 

Average Cumulative Days on Market: 28

Percentage Sold to Original Asking Price;   104.74

Average Sold Price:          $820,045


Any observations?


In Portland the average closed cash offer compared to a conventional offer was priced $160,472. higher, sold 16% faster, and buyers paid on average just .32% less than their conventional loan counterparts.when a cash offer comes in, some buyers think they have a cash offer but it may be subject to the closing of another home, selling stock, getting funds from a relative who “promised” them money to pay cash, or even being subject to the funds coming from a retirement account only to find out funds aren’t immediately available.


Here is what happened in Vancouver Washington for the same period:

Conventional Loans Closed:           881

Average Cumulative Days on Market:   5

Percentage Sold to Original Asking Price;     103.83   

Average Sold Price:             $546,367

Cash Offers Closed:           143 

Average Cumulative Days on Market:   5

Percentage Sold to Original Asking Price;     103.95

Average Sold Price:             $568,918




In Vancouver Washington,  the average closed cash offer compared to a conventional offer was priced just $22,551. higher ($568,918 vs $546,367), both sold in an average of five days and cash buyers actually paid, on average .12% (12/100ths of a percent) MORE than their conventional loan counterparts (103.95% of asking price for cash vs 103.83%).

Isn’t that interesting that cash buyers typically bought houses in a higher average price range than their conventional loan counterparts and that in one area the impact of paying cash upon sale to asking price was nothing, yet more dramatic in another.


What we don’t know is how many conventional offers were made before an acceptance as compared to cash offers made before acceptance.


So apart from getting an acceptance, it sounds like on average, luxury home sellers may have a smaller buying pool, are less down to the last dollar sensitive, or are just more willing to negotiate price than midrange homes when it comes to price.


Accurate expectations from cash buyers and those needing financing will vary based on location and price point.


As interest rates rise, will lender requirements change, fewer buyers qualify, and therefore the value of a cash buyer, and willingness to negotiate with them, increase?


And, or, will the stock market go down and fewer cash buyers exist?

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April 21, 2022

Snuffed Out

Snuffed Out


The power went out and the flashlight batteries are dead.


Get out those candles.


Light amidst darkness.


Over time the candles burn down and then, total darkness.




You may have heard the story of the two frogs in the farmer’s barn.


They both fell into a bucket full of what looked like milk.


They tried to get out and found it impossible.


They both kept swimming but had two different attitudes toward their outcome.


They were both getting tired but of them decided there was no hope,  


His desire to survive had extinguished.


The other frog was also tired but was not about to give up.


He was determined to keep swimming.


Shortly after he decided he had no hope, one of the frogs drowned.


The other missed his friend but kept kicking and swimming.


Suddenly all of that liquid cream started getting thicker and soon he hopped out of the bucket.


Whether in business or our personal life there are times when we encounter difficulties and our motivation or desire to reach that goal comes down to personal choice.


The price we have to pay may be more than the benefit we will receive.


We all have limits.


As I show homes in this market of increasing prices and interest rates some buyers looking for a home get tired of looking and competing  with multiple offers.  


They get tired of being qualified and losing out to cash offers. They get tired of having to look at a house and make an offer immediately to try and increase their chances of the seller taking their offer.  


It is disheartening to the buyer and agent alike.


The desire to look, to make an offer, and to buy a house can be so difficult that it gets snuffed out, extinguished, and the process is stopped.


I don’t fault those who no longer qualify, nor do I fault those who get tired of the emotional and time drain.


But for the majority who continue to push through the disappointment, who work through the home buying process and get their offer accepted, there is a feeling of victory, of having overcome the obstacles they encountered.


That Accomplishment is a reason for celebration for buyer and agent alike!


The Flame still burns hot, the cream hardens and life begins anew.


That buyer who celebrates should be you!

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April 19, 2022

What are you Planting?


Patti came home with a bunch of plantable flowers.


There were a variety of sizes and colors.


Some go into pots and others into the ground.


You ever wonder why we do that?


If you are selling your home, it adds color and life and is a twenty four hour welcome committee to all potential buyers.


You may be a local expert who only plants flowers, shrubs, and trees that are native to your specific region.


Some of you are a hoticulturalist or botanist and you know more about each plant you take into your care than most of us know about our immediate family.


Then there are the pragmatists among us. You buy edible plants such as radishes, tomatoes, and carrots along with some spinach or lettuce.


Whatever the reason, even for us amateurs, it is more than the joy of looking at that plant today, it is enjoyment of that plant for a season, a year, or maybe even years to come.


So, what are you planting?


Let’s talk figuratively and practically.


Planting takes effort. Planting can have a monetary cost to it.  Planting involves Planning.


Some plants and trees thrive in one type of climate but may die in another.


Some plants grow better in alkaline soil like cucumbers, onions, lettuce, and kale.


Radishes, sweet potatoes, and peppers prefer acidic soil.


What kind of seeds are you planting in your relationships, whether at home, work, or in social settings? Seeds of trust, encouragement, and teamwork or seeds of selfishness, disruption, and despair?


When people ask me about a career in real estate, I say it is one of the few professions left that gives everyone an opportunity to grow themselves and their business based on what is of interest to them.  If you are social and like to interact with people, real estate could be for you. If you are quiet and more analytical, maybe commercial real estate or investment property is a great fit.


What you will find out in real estate, as in every other type of career, is what you are good at and how to best use your personality and areas of interest to succeed!


Are you planting seeds of stability when times are good so you can weather the storms when times are bad?


If you work hard and learn all you can about what you do, you will often be the last one let go because you have made yourself so valuable to the company you work for. You are cross trained and able to fill in the gaps as needed.


It is too easy in our society to live above your means. According to Lendingtree the average new car payment in 2022 is $644 per month borrowing $39,721. Another article they said that the average credit card debt for Oregon was $5,994 and $6,480. In the State of Washington.


There are some circumstances where job loss, declining health, or other unforeseen circumstances affect us in ways we can not control.


If you haven’t done it lately, consider getting a Free Credit Bureau Credit Report. We checked our credit about a year before buying our home and found there was a negative credit event on it. It was attached to our credit report in error.  Took us nine months to get it removed and that made a big difference when the time came to get a home loan.


It is never too early to talk to a loan officer. Ask me. I am glad to give you a recommendation. 


When is the best time to prepare for a new loan? 


When you don’t have too… That gives you time to prepare and correct.  If all is good from the start, then you are prepared should an opportunity of a lifetime come across your path.


What kind of seeds are you planting?


Are you planting them before it is too late?

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April 16, 2022

FOMO driven Decisions

FOMO driven Decisions


If you are in business or marketing you have probably heard of the acronym:  FOMO


It means “Finally One More Opportunity” correct?


For many desert lovers, cake is a wonderful pleasure.


When you see the whole cake, it is easy to wait your turn to enjoy it, one bite at a time.


But when there is only one piece, and several people have yet to get theirs, FOMO often steps in and takes over.


Fear Of Missing Out


Emotions take over and cut circulation to the brain, throwing logic out the window.


I don’t want to miss this opportunity to satisfy that sweet tooth craving within. 


I love cake, I deserve that piece of cake. I can taste that soft sweet bite before it hits my mouth and overwhelms my tastebuds.


I will take that piece of cake before someone else does.


After all, that is why it is there, right?


Take it, Enjoy it. It was offered to you.


If however, someone else took that last piece of cake, you may feel disappointed for a minute but it probably wouldn’t be a life changing event.


Fear of Missing Out also applies to behavior on a much bigger scale.


It could apply to buying a house.


The Fear could be real but it shouldn’t cause you to put yourself at undue risk.


Let’s look at the housing supply over the last couple of years in our RMLS system:



Is there a real fear of missing out based on inventory alone?


This is how much March 2022 inventory is down in Oregon and SW Washington compared to prior years:


March 2022 has 57.17% less inventory than March 2017

March 2022 has 56.79% less inventory than March 2018

March 2022 has 60.90% less inventory than March 2019

March 2022 has 55.22% less inventory than March 2020

March 2022 has 13.67% less inventory than March 2021


Add to that Fannie Mae’s last August 30 year rate of 2.84% compared to yesterday’s average rate of 5.0% 


In case you miss it, that is a 76% increase in interest rates since last August.


Remember, that 5% rate is an average and is credit based. So it could be 5% or even as high as 6% depending on your credit..


The next layer in addition to inventory and interest rates is the obvious increasing home values.


Here is “Percentage change from previous year of single-family housing prices in the different states of the United States as of 4th quarter of 2021” according to Statistica:

Oregon was up 18.05%


Washington was up 20.12%


With inventory down 55.2% from two years ago, interest rates up 76% over the last seven months, and values up by 18%-20% in the last year, there is a reason to have Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).


However, Fear should never be the basis for your or my decision.


What can be done to increase your chances?


Spend less than you make, if at all possible. Work on improving your credit score by first meeting with a loan officer who can guide you through that process. Buy what you can comfortably afford and maybe not what you could qualify for. 


One couple I was working with decided to get a 30 year fixed loan which would have an interest rate adjustment after 10 years. It helped them get a lower rate than a standard 30 year fixed and they had a plan to lessen the impact of an interest rate increase ten years down the road.


Talk to an accountant, but maybe a relative could gift you some money to help you get your first home. Another option would be for them to co-purchase it with you or buy it and let you rent it with a lease option to purchase at a given price and part of each payment going toward your down payment.


Consider the possibility of moving to an area where prices are lower than where you currently live.


Sady, for some, now may not be the time buying a home is possible.


If you know what you want in a home and also have a good understanding of what kind of real estate market it is, then you can move forward with confidence that your decision was a good one and not Fear based.


Who knows, you may even celebrate getting that home with a piece of your favorite cake.

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April 14, 2022

The Difference between Cost, Price, and Value

Price, value, and cost



Patti and I went to the grocery store. 


Depending on which we got, carrots and beets were about the same price, $3.49 a bunch.

That was the listed “Price”.


The location I buy those vegetables at affects the price. That price would be different if I drove down from Portland to San Jose in California.  On average about 15% more. Yet traveling to Memphis would save me about 25% on my food bill.


Time can affect pricing. Not local, but the international price of a commodities food basket (FFPI) is up 20.7% for February 22 over February 21.


I’ve been looking at software that helps track time and activity. How much time have I spent doing what? Is what I am doing a good use of my time?


“Time is Money” is a saying we have all probably heard. Whether you attribute it to Benjamin Franklin as some do, or a variation of it from a proverb written in 1572, we need to consider the value of our time. After all, we only have so much of it and it is spent one moment at a time and can not be saved to be used another day.


If you are working long hours, you may buy those vegetables online and the delivery cost could add to the price you are paying.   You might have the time to get them, but you have to ask yourself what is your time worth?


If you were so unfortunate as to have lost your job or have month at the end of your paycheck, you may have to charge those vegetables on your charge card. With credit card interest rates of 14% to almost 25%, those vegetables start to become very costly. According to, if you had a $10,000. balance and 18% interest rate, made monthly payments of interest plus 1% of the balance, it would take 28.5 years to pay off your credit card.  Now, that is a budget buster!


What value do those vegetables have?


Beets have been said to lower your blood pressure, lower your blood sugars, contain anti-inflammatories, and help brain function due to the high levels of nitric oxide.


Carrots have great benefits which may include  helping vision, reducing the risk of cancer, and preventing heart attacks and strokes.


The health benefits add a lot to the “value” of beets and carrots,  almost independent of the cost. 


Let’s talk about a little more expensive item such as a house purchase.


How do cost, price, and value relate to purchasing a home?


Initially, the Price is what the seller is asking. It is a starting point. 


What typically happens in response to an asking price, varies from location to location, point in time, and as can be expected, interest rates. These factors are all a part of supply and demand.


According to RMLS, in February 2022 the average price in Lake Oswego was $805,000. 


Do you want to guess what the average was twelve years ago in February 2010, when the subprime mortgage crisis was in full swing? It was $400,000.


Did you get that? The average value in February 2010 was half of what it was this last February of 2022.


In Lake Oswego during the last couple of months there have been houses sold for $235,000. more than the asking price. Yet, surprisingly, there have been homes sold for $250,000. less than the asking price.


During the same sixty day period in 2010,understanding that values were half of what they are now, I found only one home sold for $60,000 more than asking price with the next closest one going for $26,500 more.


Contrast that to two homes that sold for less than asking price. One sold for $424,000 less and another for $329,000. Less. Considering values were about half of what they are today that would be like homes selling for $848,000. and $658,000. LESS THAN ASKING PRICE in light of today's real estate values.


Time has drastically impacted prices in the last twelve years.


Location affects real estate values in many different ways.


Although the average price of homes in Lake Oswego in February 2022 was $805,000., Hillsboro and Forest Grove have an average of $529,600 and Beaverton and Aloha of $526,300. North Washington County and Sauvie Island come in at $657,000.


Anecdotally, back in 2010, if there was a home on a busy street it was very difficult to sell. Why? Because the supply of houses was so great, buyers had all kinds of choices of homes located on quieter low traffic streets.


In today's market, inventory has been so low that even homes on busy streets sell quickly.


There is the seller’s asking price and then the often higher selling price.


What affects the cost to a buyer of the house they buy?


Low inventory, FOMA (fear of missing out), and the emotional frenzy of buyers offering more than what they think a competing buyer will, ultimately cause a buyer to pay more than they otherwise would.


Do interest rates affect the cost to buyers?


If you are a cash buyer, rising interest rates don’t impact you in the same way as a buyer getting a loan. The cost you pay may be more closely aligned with the selling price.


Interest rates are currently based on your credit score. So those with high credit scores get the best rates while those struggling pay the most.


In the 1980’s I remember having friends who were current with their payments  on an interest rate loan of 14% and they wanted to refinance as rates were heading down around 10%. After applying for a loan they were told they did not qualify for their 10% loan. I understand banks have guidelines but it didn’t seem logical that someone could be in good standing at a much higher payment than they could get qualified for.


Kind of like the borrower who has enough money in the bank to pay cash for a house but does not qualify to borrow money and get a loan.


If you are getting a loan, interest rates  dramatically impact what you pay for a loan. According to mortgage rates peaked in October 1981 at 18.63% and had a low in January 2021 of 2.65%. Let’s do the math. A $500,000 loan at 2.65% would translate to a loan payment (not including taxes and insurance) of $2,014.82.  Now be thankful you don’t have to pay the 18.63% rate which with a $500,000 loan equates to a monthly payment of $7,792.91


The $500,000. 30 year loan at 2.65% will cost you about $725,334.82


What will that 18.63% loan cost you?   $2,805,449.13  Ouch!


According to Freddiemac on December 23, 2021, a little over three months ago, 30 year rates were 3.05% compared to 4.67% on March 31, 2022.  


So due to interest rates increases in the last three months, if you borrowed $500,000,  your monthly loan payment would have increased by $462.65.


Or to look at it another way, that same payment of three months ago which let you borrow $500,000 would now qualify you for  a loan of $410,484.03. 


These last three months of increasing interest rates would have cost you $89,515.97 in buying power!


How does value fit in with the price you pay and what it costs you?


Some people have refinanced, once, twice, even three or four times as rates came down. The focus on monthly payment has saved them considerable money compared to rising interest rates.  However, each of those refinances has cost money and eaten away at their equity.


The value of a lower monthly payment is incredible. The decreasing equity has virtually no effect until it is time to sell.


As a buyer, if I want an upscale neighborhood where everyone has a pool, that pool has value to me. 


If however, I want a house with a pool and it is an average neighborhood where most people do not have a pool, then I may be willing to pay more for that house than another buyer who thinks a pool is nothing but a costly item with maintenance costs and higher insurance rates.


If I am not planning on moving and I want to spend $50,000 to $100,000. on a pool because that is something I value, will I get my money back out?


Let’s say when you sell you only get back 25-50% of what it cost you to put in the pool.  If you have medical problems and swimming alleviates your pain and gives you renewed energy, the value of the pool to you is more than just dollars and cents, it is quality of life. I am not a tax consultant and you would need to confirm with one, but if someone was able to write the cost of their pool off as a medical expense, that could play a large part in both the cost and value of a pool to that person.


The value you give a specific home can change with your circumstances.


 If you think your home is worth $1,000,000 and you find another one you want to buy worth $2,000,000. But that seller is  forced to sell and will take $1,500,000, would you sell the home you are in for $900,000. ?


If two buyers have a bid on the same $700,000 home, which one may see a higher value in terms of what they are willing to pay?..


…buyer one buyer who sold their smaller California home for $1,000,000


…buyer two who is moving from the midwest where they sold their home of similar size and quality  for $500,000.?


Whether buying or selling, you need to understand the difference between price, cost, and value against the backdrop of your circumstances at the time, to make a decision which serves you best.


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April 12, 2022

Springtime is a Time of Renewal - of Starting Over

Springtime and New Beginnings


The Pacific Northwest is known for luring people to its beauty whether you like to sit and watch what is going on around you or you like to go hiking, skiing, or for a walk on the beach.


My wife Patti and I enjoy many of those same things. One that is most enjoyable for us is walking. And would you believe it, it is also good for us!


We will walk amidst the downpours and occasional flash floods, which  is doable but not always enjoyable.


Spring on the other hand is a fantastic time to go for a walk.


It can be like walking through a wonderland. The cost, free.  The memories, priceless!


Sometimes we go out the door and start walking and other times we drive to a park or even a restaurant or store and take our walk from there.


After months of cloud cover and drizzle the sky starts to light up and morning time is like a new beginning. 


As we walked this morning nature was embracing life to its fullest.


Flowers were starting to bloom and trees showed their true colors: white, pink, and many shades of green.


As good as the newest TV screens are, imitation doesn’t compare to reality.


Everywhere we turned colors burst into our line of sight.


The beauty we were surrounded by was taken to the next level by the serenade of birds that grew louder as we walked by.


How encouraging. How uplifting.


You may also have this happen to you, but sometimes I spend too much time inside my head.  I am thinking about real estate, the economy, marketing,what’s going to happen, what is happening. I think about my wife Patti, our kids, grandkids, and friends.


If you have ever heard the statement “Wherever you are, be there”, then you know how uplifting springtime can be. It causes you to look outward. To be thankful for some of the simplest of life’s pleasures. 


For me it involves taking my focus from within and what I am wrestling with, to what is going on around me, where I am. So that I can be there.


I appreciate living in a place where I can take a walk whenever I want.


I am thankful Patti takes time out of her day so that we can talk and share together  this experience of what is going on around us.


When I first moved to the northwest I lived in an apartment. No walking paths nearby.


But the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver metro area have many parks, walking and bike paths, hiking  areas, and outdoor activities available.


Whether we like to curl up on a park bench and soak up the sun while we read a book in solitude or we play basketball with the kids, tennis with a partner, or hiking with a group, springtime and outdoor activities are met with enthusiasm.


As spring and summer approach and kids get closer to finishing up school for the year, real estate activity picks up.


It is an influx of changes in the lives of people around us.


It is a time of new beginnings.


The State of Washington had a net influx with 54.5% moving to Washington and 45.5%  leaving.


To the south, in 2014, there were two families moving into Oregon for every family moving out, according to United Van Lines. In 2021 the same study showed one and one-half families moving into Oregon for each one moving out.

Those moving to the Northwest from California may look forward to the greenery and mild but distinct seasons we have.


The ability to go to the coast on a Saturday and then head off to some snow skiing on Sunday may be a lifelong dream of those who live in the midwest.


Maybe you are wanting to start over with a house of your own rather than renting. Or you decided to sell your California home where the average price (according to the Zillow Home Value Index for 2021) was $683,996 and could buy you more of a home in Washington with its average price of $519,552. A 24% savings!  With Oregon’s average of $447,968 you would be saving almost 35%


With all of the excitement for spring, a move can be a little unsettling, especially for kids in school or who have established friendships.


I think of all of the activities our grandkids are involved in and come to the conclusion that if they were to move at this point in their lives, it would have a major impact. 

They are in school activities, sports, and friends they spend time with. Cutting them off from those routines, even if a move were for a new job and all of the benefits that entailed, would still rattle their world.


It is exciting to see flowers and plants come up out of the ground and start to bloom, even if in places you forgot they were. There are also those seedlings the wind or some critter may have buried, and they start to flourish where they are.


Sometimes the greatest signs of growth in spring happens in areas that earlier in the year had the most manure dumped on it.


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April 9, 2022

What do a Dishwasher, Wall Clock, and Laptop have in Common



You may have heard that bad luck happens in threes, and that could describe my week.


However, I tend to look at things that happen and tell myself that this is really a personality test and how I respond will determine whether I “Pass The Test” or not.


We bought a dishwasher several years back that was guaranteed for ten years. I think that is one of those guarantees that lasts as long as your dishwasher is functioning. Void upon breakdown.


My wife Patti let me know that the dishes were no longer getting clean and there was an error code on the display.


Do I attempt to fix it? Do I have the time? What will it cost? What if I can’t fix it?


After going to Appliance Repair School at Youtube University I determined it was probably one of two parts.


After a trip to the parts store and putting it back together it sang that wonderful tune at the end of the dishwashing cycle that all was good.


The same week we had a wall clock that stopped working and a laptop that was so slow Patti could wash the dishes by hand and still have time to spare before her laptop fully loaded and was ready to use..


Unlike the time where I had a simple headlight go out on the car, spent several hours not fixing it, and ended up going to the auto mechanic to work his magic, this week was a success.


As my life plans and goals are interrupted, I always have the choice of how I respond and will I pass or fail that personality test. 


How about you?

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Feb. 25, 2019

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