You may have heard that bad luck happens in threes, and that could describe my week.


However, I tend to look at things that happen and tell myself that this is really a personality test and how I respond will determine whether I “Pass The Test” or not.


We bought a dishwasher several years back that was guaranteed for ten years. I think that is one of those guarantees that lasts as long as your dishwasher is functioning. Void upon breakdown.


My wife Patti let me know that the dishes were no longer getting clean and there was an error code on the display.


Do I attempt to fix it? Do I have the time? What will it cost? What if I can’t fix it?


After going to Appliance Repair School at Youtube University I determined it was probably one of two parts.


After a trip to the parts store and putting it back together it sang that wonderful tune at the end of the dishwashing cycle that all was good.


The same week we had a wall clock that stopped working and a laptop that was so slow Patti could wash the dishes by hand and still have time to spare before her laptop fully loaded and was ready to use..


Unlike the time where I had a simple headlight go out on the car, spent several hours not fixing it, and ended up going to the auto mechanic to work his magic, this week was a success.


As my life plans and goals are interrupted, I always have the choice of how I respond and will I pass or fail that personality test. 


How about you?