Tom here. Thank you for sharing one minute moment with me.

If you were to ask me how long would it take to sell your home in Beaverton, I would want to give you at least a general idea. But there’s a lot of different factors such as, lagging indicators.

Like here, if you look at home sold in our current market versus pending would be accepted offers that haven’t closed and then currently active or for sale.

So the market of a couple months ago, the market time was less, and it seems like with pending it’s a little higher, and those currently on the market, it’s taking a little longer.

So if rates were to go up, that would continue to increase. If rates dip down, we may have a decrease in the number of how long it took to sell. So if we go down to the next graph, also price point.

So if you were to look at this and you were to say, okay, let’s take active, pending, and sold, your price point and how long it takes to sell below five hundred thousand or above five hundred thousand makes a difference.

So, in more expensive homes, fewer potential buyers, and even within that range, you could have a home that’s, with a view on a lake and and could go quickly.

So if you’re thinking about selling in Beaverton, hope this gives you some idea. You can go to to look at these charts, but, let me know if you have additional questions. Have a great day.

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