Snuffed Out


The power went out and the flashlight batteries are dead.


Get out those candles.


Light amidst darkness.


Over time the candles burn down and then, total darkness.




You may have heard the story of the two frogs in the farmer’s barn.


They both fell into a bucket full of what looked like milk.


They tried to get out and found it impossible.


They both kept swimming but had two different attitudes toward their outcome.


They were both getting tired but of them decided there was no hope,  


His desire to survive had extinguished.


The other frog was also tired but was not about to give up.


He was determined to keep swimming.


Shortly after he decided he had no hope, one of the frogs drowned.


The other missed his friend but kept kicking and swimming.


Suddenly all of that liquid cream started getting thicker and soon he hopped out of the bucket.


Whether in business or our personal life there are times when we encounter difficulties and our motivation or desire to reach that goal comes down to personal choice.


The price we have to pay may be more than the benefit we will receive.


We all have limits.


As I show homes in this market of increasing prices and interest rates some buyers looking for a home get tired of looking and competing  with multiple offers.  


They get tired of being qualified and losing out to cash offers. They get tired of having to look at a house and make an offer immediately to try and increase their chances of the seller taking their offer.  


It is disheartening to the buyer and agent alike.


The desire to look, to make an offer, and to buy a house can be so difficult that it gets snuffed out, extinguished, and the process is stopped.


I don’t fault those who no longer qualify, nor do I fault those who get tired of the emotional and time drain.


But for the majority who continue to push through the disappointment, who work through the home buying process and get their offer accepted, there is a feeling of victory, of having overcome the obstacles they encountered.


That Accomplishment is a reason for celebration for buyer and agent alike!


The Flame still burns hot, the cream hardens and life begins anew.


That buyer who celebrates should be you!