Patti came home with a bunch of plantable flowers.


There were a variety of sizes and colors.


Some go into pots and others into the ground.


You ever wonder why we do that?


If you are selling your home, it adds color and life and is a twenty four hour welcome committee to all potential buyers.


You may be a local expert who only plants flowers, shrubs, and trees that are native to your specific region.


Some of you are a hoticulturalist or botanist and you know more about each plant you take into your care than most of us know about our immediate family.


Then there are the pragmatists among us. You buy edible plants such as radishes, tomatoes, and carrots along with some spinach or lettuce.


Whatever the reason, even for us amateurs, it is more than the joy of looking at that plant today, it is enjoyment of that plant for a season, a year, or maybe even years to come.


So, what are you planting?


Let’s talk figuratively and practically.


Planting takes effort. Planting can have a monetary cost to it.  Planting involves Planning.


Some plants and trees thrive in one type of climate but may die in another.


Some plants grow better in alkaline soil like cucumbers, onions, lettuce, and kale.


Radishes, sweet potatoes, and peppers prefer acidic soil.


What kind of seeds are you planting in your relationships, whether at home, work, or in social settings? Seeds of trust, encouragement, and teamwork or seeds of selfishness, disruption, and despair?


When people ask me about a career in real estate, I say it is one of the few professions left that gives everyone an opportunity to grow themselves and their business based on what is of interest to them.  If you are social and like to interact with people, real estate could be for you. If you are quiet and more analytical, maybe commercial real estate or investment property is a great fit.


What you will find out in real estate, as in every other type of career, is what you are good at and how to best use your personality and areas of interest to succeed!


Are you planting seeds of stability when times are good so you can weather the storms when times are bad?


If you work hard and learn all you can about what you do, you will often be the last one let go because you have made yourself so valuable to the company you work for. You are cross trained and able to fill in the gaps as needed.


It is too easy in our society to live above your means. According to Lendingtree the average new car payment in 2022 is $644 per month borrowing $39,721. Another article they said that the average credit card debt for Oregon was $5,994 and $6,480. In the State of Washington.


There are some circumstances where job loss, declining health, or other unforeseen circumstances affect us in ways we can not control.


If you haven’t done it lately, consider getting a Free Credit Bureau Credit Report. We checked our credit about a year before buying our home and found there was a negative credit event on it. It was attached to our credit report in error.  Took us nine months to get it removed and that made a big difference when the time came to get a home loan.


It is never too early to talk to a loan officer. Ask me. I am glad to give you a recommendation. 


When is the best time to prepare for a new loan? 


When you don’t have too… That gives you time to prepare and correct.  If all is good from the start, then you are prepared should an opportunity of a lifetime come across your path.


What kind of seeds are you planting?


Are you planting them before it is too late?