You Found What?


We live in a world where some people will tell you “What you see, is what you get”.


I am sure this is nothing new to you but what you get, is also what you don’t see.


Patti has waited nineteen years for our kitchen to have some improvements.


We hired someone to extend the gas line underneath the house…


You found what? 


A sewer line in the crawl space that needs to be replaced.


Got to do it.


Pull the appliances out and get ready for new floors and countertops…


You found what?


The dishwasher leaked so you have to replace some of the flooring and the dishwasher.


If you bought or sold a house lately, this is probably nothing new to you.


If you are buying, you are probably spending almost every last cent to get that dream home and don’t have money laying around to do any repairs.


If you are selling, no way you want to delay closing to fix something and besides, you lived with the problem right?


The realty is, when buying or selling a house, as in life, things come to light that you didn’t know existed.


What Mold in the attic?


What do you mean the sewer line isn’t hooked up?


The radon levels are how high?


What water is flowing through the crawl space?


What do you do with problems or challenges?


What you don’t do is ignore them.

The small leak that is ignored often becomes the big dry rot and costly structural problem.


Get the information and come up with several possible solutions.


Negotiate it out in a way that all parties agree is fair.


Bad news is always preferred to inaccurate news….What Problem?


Nothing wrong with expecting good news, but always be prepared that there is more than what meets the eye and something, some problem or challenge will be ready to greet you and test your focus, your commitment, and your ability to negotiate.


Embrace the process, work through it, come away with a feeling of satisfaction, or at least appreciation, and not defeat.


Don’t let anything take away the Joy of Life that is yours!